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CREATIVE AI and Machine Learning

Machines learn faster than human beings and data is the next natural resource that will be harnessed over the coming decade. AI and ML is capable of making sense of big data in meaningful ways.


Our AI and ML teams’ goal is to utilise brand related data to build creative campaigns that offer an intelligent ongoing dialogue between audiences and brands.

With our expertise in cognitive technology we are right now developing creative experiences that will constantly improve the brand-consumer relationship.


Shoegazer® - an original Happy Finish AI concept

We’ve developed a smart tool that could recognise any sneaker model by using Deep Learning algorithms. Once trained by being shown a minimum of 50 reference images of a shoe, our Shoegazer® AI will then confidently recognise that product in real world scenarios. This base solution will act as the foundation of fashion product recognition tools we will be developing for our clients.

The creation of a product recognition tool that can work as a mobile web application opens huge opportunities for us to develop AI-powered product recommendation solutions based on real world inspiration. Or a tool that will immediately recognise a fashion product you see while out and about and deliver back shoppable results.

Cross-fertilising intelligent product recognition with, for example, sentiment analysis from user’s social networks could drive powerful, ongoing and personalised product focused conversations between brands and customers. The future is not just in campaigns but also in the wider brand conversations.